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Μεταλλικό Διακοσμητικό Τοίχου Wallity


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Μεταλλικό Διακοσμητικό Τοίχου Wallity

  • Decorative Metal Wall Accessory
  • Metal Wall Flower Bed 100% Iron Sheet (electrostatic coated) 1 piece of Small Flower Bed Small Flower Bed Size: 20 x 20 x 5 cm Front Cover 2mm Acrylic Glass Colored Floral Sand and/or Pebble Artificial Plants -Colorful Green Panda metal beds already include a double sided tape that are pre-applied. Gently tear the back side of the tape and paste your glass frame onto it. -Green Panda glass comes with protective layers on both sides so please make sure that you remove these protective layers before applying.
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