Kisses & Love Pijamas

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Γυναικείο Σουτιέν Kisses and Love


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Γυναικείο Σουτιέν Kisses and Love

  • Nazareno Gabrielli silicone adhesive push-up bra. The interior of the strapless bra is made of plant-based silicone
  • is sticky and does not fall off
  • fits perfectly to your breasts
  • helps firm your chest
  • fits perfectly to your curvy neckline and creates a comfortable and V effect deep natural. Pull on front closure. Soft Fabric Material: The outside of the adhesive bra is made of soft fabric. The bio-glue on the cups helps to hold the breasts in a good and comfortable position without worrying about them falling off. REUSABLE AND EASY TO CLEAN: Adhesive bras are easy to clean
  • reusable and well maintained. After use
  • simply hand wash with mild soap and running water and air dry.
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